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Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper

Professional alcohol rehab can help you get your life back. The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper is here to guide you to the start of a new future.

How We Can Help Start Your Recovery Journey

“I’d tell myself it wasn’t a lot of alcohol, that I was managing fine. But I wasn’t doing my job right, my marriage was hurting. I had no control, and I didn’t see a way out. I could not imagine a future without alcohol being part of my life.”  

Many people struggle with drinking, but thousands of our patients started just the same. Now, they thrive in alcohol-free lives from our evidence-based treatment. Get the support you need from our experts to help you heal and get your life back. 

Alcoholism is a chronic brain disease, not a moral failing.  

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Our alcohol rehab treatment can help you manage life without alcohol.

What Happens in Rehab?

Our alcohol addiction treatment plans are customized to your needs.

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You’re in good hands at The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper.

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What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is a chronic brain disease, and despite negative consequences, the person will continue to drink. These chemical changes in your brain don’t mean a moral failing or lack of willpower. You can benefit from addiction treatment. Some symptoms include:

  • Feeling a lack of control
  • Heavy/binge drinking
  • Needing more alcohol to get drunk
  • Drinking while alone or in the morning
  • Hiding drinking from others
  • Stopping activities to drink
  • Hurting relationships or career because of drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center for Alcoholism?

The Recovery Village treatment centers have helped over 40,000 people with their addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. Experienced staff provide clients with evidence-based treatments, education and tools for lasting recovery. With compassionate, patient-centric and expert care, We believe any client can overcome alcoholism.

Our Alcohol Rehab Programs in New Jersey

Our treatment center provides support at any stage to help your unique situation and give you the best chance at sobriety. 

What Happens in Alcohol Rehab?

Using evidence-based treatments, The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper treats the whole person — not just their alcohol addiction. Every person and their recovery journey is different, so treatment plans are customized to each patient’s needs. 

Continuum of Care

Our facility offers varying levels of treatment for wherever you are, including lower levels of care for patients to step down to as they improve.

One-on-One Counseling

Our licensed, expert counselors are available to support clients with their physical, mental and emotional symptoms while finding the root of their drinking behaviors.

Get Well with Peers

Along with independent counseling, clients also receive group therapy. Peers can come together for guidance, fellowship and support from others who’ve experienced alcohol addiction.

Purposeful Relaxation

Having downtime to reflect, build friendships and grow alcohol-free hobbies can help support recovery. Recreational activities at our facility include art therapy, yoga, exercise and more.

Nutritious Meals

Lacking nutrition is common with excessive alcohol use. Our chef creates delicious and nutritious meals for clients as they recover.

Relapse Prevention

Aftercare is essential for recovery after leaving rehab treatment. Our program offers customized relapse prevention plans, referrals, recommendations and follow-ups.

Debunking 7 Myths About Alcohol Rehab

Explore your insurance benefits to pay for alcohol rehab in New Jersey:

  • Most insurance plans cover alcohol rehab.
  • We are in-network with most major insurance providers.
  • We can verify your insurance coverage online or over the phone.
  • Our expert staff can help you understand your coverage and benefits.
  • If needed, you can also pay for rehab without insurance.

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Your Recovery Is Our Mission

You are not alone if you or a loved one struggles with alcoholism. Take a look at our reviews and learn why The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper may be right for your recovery.

Shawn W.
It is a great recovery program with great staff you get out the program what you put into it definitely thankful!!
greg H.
I had an amazing experience at chrv. The counselors, therapists, nurses and bhts are exceptional. I was very blessed to have a very diverse group of clients that got along very well during my stay. The sessions were very interactive among peers and therapists. Nothing was force fed. They encouraged me to think for myself and were very patient with me because honestly I was a lot to handle. The only reason they do not get a five from me is admin left a lot to be desired. Once I was in boarding, I could not get to see the Dr. They even told me I missed a drs appt I didn't know I had, yet was 20 feet away from their office in class. My disability claim was not completed until 6 days from discharge. I have several examples of such incidents but I do not want to take away from what I learned there. The way everyone on the floors, bht's, nurses, therapists and counselors showed absolute care, love and compassion. I would love to send shout outs to all the people that helped in my journey, but there are so many on every level I would be afraid to miss someone. I know there are a lot of choices as far as detox's and rehabs, you would not be disappointed in the care and experience you will get from chrv!!!
Paul H.
Starting my recovery at Cherry Hill turned out to be a better decision than I could have imagined at the time. The staff is top notch and the overall feel is beyond welcoming and comfortable. It was a scary move for me to finally get help. Had I only known a place like this was out there I’d have made the call so much sooner. It is early to say it but I am confident I will talk about The Recovery Village as the place that saved my life. I can only hope that my review will help someone who is in need to not be afraid and pick up the phone. Whatever your addiction may be Cherry Hill can help you turn it all around.
Danny D.
The staff was mostly fantastic. Even when I had an issue with a counselor they did everything they could to make it right. In fact they dealt with any issues I had well. I got a new counselor after and she was awesome. Saved my view of therapy and helped me as much as she could. There’s a few really good counselors at this place. One went out of his way to talk to me privately even though I wasn’t his client. That went a long way and helped me greatly. The nurses all were super helpful, and most of the bht’s and a few in particular were very helpful and just good people. They seem to hire a good amount of people in recovery and having that connection helps a lot as well. But just being a good person helps alot and most of the staff are. Tina at the front desk is amazing. One of the nicest people ever and gave me candy more times than I can count! The kitchen staff were amazing as well. They made good meals every single day 3 times a day. And the rec specialist had new ideas and fun things to do every day. Both directors were super helpful. Fallon helped with any issue presented and tried to listen to the people. But what makes this place 5 stars is the people around you. I didn’t know what to expect going in but it’s just “normal” people. All people just like me. People that understand. You form bonds that you’ll have for a longtime if you’d like. You’re with people who have also been through alot like you have. It definitely helps. The people I was with and became friends with I’ll be grateful for forever.
Dez F.
Best experience !!!! My first time in a facilty i was welcomed felt so comfortable my groups were so informative assisted me in my recovery i will contact all who was in my community for meetings and just to say hi-Adrienne Fillmyer
John B.
I had a great stay at RVCH and I’m doing great in my recovery

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