Beyond Addiction: The Success Stories of Our Recovery Ambassadors

We asked our alumni to share their recovery stories and empower others to seek treatment for addiction and mental health.

Admitting you have an alcohol addiction can be difficult.
How did our alumni know they needed help?

Realizing the need for help is the first step to overcoming addiction.
Our recovery ambassadors decided to embark on their own healing journeys. It’s time to start yours.

“I knew I wanted treatment when I realized how sick I kept getting and ruining my family.”

“I knew I wanted treatment when I realized how sick I kept getting and ruining my family.”

“My mother had just passed and my drinking and depression became uncontrollable. Between the insomnia and hand tremors, I knew I needed help.”

Recovery Can Feel Impossible. Here is what our Recovery Ambassadors Want to Tell You.

In the face of challenges, our alumni speak to future patients, offering hope and inspiration to those struggling on their own recovery journey.

“I’d say that there is hope for a better life, that there is hope to overcome all obstacles and to know that you are not alone”

-Jospeh McDermott, Recovery Ambassador TRV Cherry Hill

“I’d share my experience and guide them to the right path of recovery. It’s a beautiful experience.”

-Isaiah Richardson, Recovery Ambassador TRV Cherry Hill

“I would let them know they are not alone with their addictions and even though recovery can be tough, things will get better.”

-Justin Walker, Recovery Ambassador TRV Cherry Hill

Isaiah Richardson

The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper Alumni

How has my life changed since treatment? Being able to wake up every day without being sick, seeing my family and friends see my progress, not having to lie and hide my alcoholism, spending time with my son, giving me a structural routine and learning how to love myself again.

Where You Start Your Recovery Matters.

Learn why The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper stands out as the best drug & alcohol rehab in the Northeast.

Compassionate Staff

The Staff was phenomenal. A lot of them are in recovery as well so they know what you’re going through.

Justin Walker, The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper Alumni

Peer Support

The staff was great, very knowledgeable, and also interacting with other patients and sharing one another’s stories. I met some lifelong friends there.

Isaiah Richardson, The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper Alumni

Tools for Recovery

Residential and boarding house [PHP] were the most helpful. Residential gave me knowledge and routine while boarding prepared me for when I left.

Joseph McDermott, The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper Alumni

A Full Continuum of Care

“This was the closest facility with the highest ratings and had more programs to offer than regular IP [inpatient rehab] or OP [outpatient rehab]. That’s why I chose The Recovery Village.”

Justin Walker, The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper Alumni

★★★★★ Sarah's compassion and guidance at The Recovery Village Cherry Hill have been invaluable to me. The center truly prioritizes the well-being and recovery journey of its patients.Betty R. ★★★★★ Not your usual fare! The Recovery Village Cherry Hill served unexpectedly tasty and wholesome meals. I put on weight!Jeffery P. ★★★★★ My stay at Cherry Hill Recovery Village changed my life. The staff was incredibly supportive, especially Terrence and Sarah. Thank you for your leadership and concern.Jose P. ★★★★★ RVCH helped me through troubled times. I made the most of my stay and I would highly recommend those facility to anyone. Everyone of the staff members were kind, caring and attentive. The food was also great!Jennifer C. ★★★★★ Awesome very attentive and follow thru. Great place.Karen B. ★★★★★ Good place. Good people.samp512 ★★★★★ Caring, compassionate, & knowledgeable staff!Noel L. ★★★★★ Could not recommend highly enough. Changed my life and helped me get me back to solid ground. ❤️Egan Elizabeth C. ★★★★★ Wonderful place they help me out big-time. Very clean facility, well fed and the people there were great.Richie S. ★★★★★ A wonderful place to get better. During my stay here I was surrounded by kind and wonderful staff, including BHTs Mike, Lori, Avi, Chantae, and Tia. I especially loved my primary therapist Brandi, who helped me every step of the way providing support and guidance when I needed it most. The nursing staff was also amazing, particularly nurses Matt, Alex, and James. My case manager Deqa was very attentive and always communicated with me to reduce my anxiety around work. The food by chef Steve was always great and he knew EVERYONES names before we knew his. The community of patients was excellent and understanding, like no other people I’ve ever met. An all around wonderful experience, I honestly did not want to leave when it was time to go. Thank you all so much for everything. This was the best decision I ever made for myself.Alberto N.js_loader

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