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    Our Admissions Process

    Our Recovery Advocates are available to answer any inquiries about treatment and perform a pre-assessment to determine your eligibility. They may ask about your: 

    • Current living situation
    • Substance abuse history
    • Medical history
    • Family history of addiction
    • Health insurance plan

    Once your insurance is verified, we’ll advise a treatment plan customized to your situation and recovery needs.

    We will help you decide an admission date and make travel arrangements if necessary. 

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    Once You Arrive at the Facility

    When you arrive at The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper, our committed staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your physical and mental health to help create your treatment plan. Your intake assessment may include:

    • Drug and alcohol screenings
    • Physical exams
    • Evaluations for co-occurring disorders 
    • Medical assessments
    • Risk assessments
    • COVID-19 test for your safety

    Your Privacy Is Our Priority

    All admissions calls are confidential. At The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper, you will fill out documents that only permit us to discuss essential information with the people you delegate per HIPAA guidelines. Additionally, no information will be disclosed to anyone without your written, documented permission.

    Speak With a Recovery Advocate

    It’s time to get the life you deserve. Our Recovery Advocates are available to answer your questions and provide the support you need.