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Outpatient Rehab in South Jersey

Our outpatient rehab program is the best way to get the help you need while keeping up with your other commitments like work, life, and school.

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab includes scheduled online visits with our addiction treatment providers, including doctors, therapists and social workers. You’ll attend virtual appointments according to your schedule. Outpatient rehab costs less and is more flexible, but clients are entirely responsible for their sobriety while not in sessions.   

Is outpatient treatment right for me?

Outpatient rehab could be a good fit if these apply to you.

  • I’ve completed inpatient care and want additional support
  • My addiction would be diagnosed as mild substance use disorder 
  • I have supportive loved ones and a safe, stable home life
  • My work, school or family responsibilities cannot be put on hold

What to Expect In Our Outpatient Program

Outpatient treatment can help clients transition to their daily life after inpatient rehab or be the first level of care for those with milder addictions. You’ll address the cause of your addiction in individual sessions with your counselor, build fellowship and support in group therapy and receive high-quality medical care as your schedule allows so you can keep working, going to school or caring for your family. 

Individual and group therapy

Expert medical care

Medication management

Treatment for co-occurring disorders

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Your Recovery Is Our Mission

If you struggle with addiction, you’re not alone. Read our reviews and discover why The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper may be the right place for your treatment.

Kevin J.
A lot of great ppl that cats and to the best they can. I felt comfortable knowing that they had counselors that are also recovering. You're not in it alone!
Jessica M.
The Recovery Village focuses on helping people anyway they can. Very nice place! Great treatment and value-based care!
Brian P.
I am eternally grateful to the staff, leadership, my fellow brothers and sisters in arms for all the support I received while in treatment. Please remember that from bad good can emerge. Just for today I will be the best version of myself that I can be and look forward to being a better version of me tomorrow. My journey to a new life is just beginning and it looks so fresh and bright. I have found peace, love and happiness within my self. The support I have received since I’ve been home has been amazing! Big shout out to Toussaint, Pam, Christin, Brianna, and Heather for turning a Dark time in my life into Light. To the kitchen staff you rock!!! Thank you!!! 😘🫶🏼
Steve U.
Great hospitality, Erin is a great counselor and Nicole is a fantastic case manager. They really set me up for success with my after care plan!!
Alvin W.
God delivered me while at the program. The staff was was excellent…from the clinical, medical, culinary and janitorial. I highly recommend anyone seeking recovery to give themselves a break at The Village.
David O.
Staff were great very helpful and friendly. Was very therapeutic for me there also just talking to other people in rehab

FAQs About Outpatient Rehab

How long is outpatient rehab?

How long outpatient rehab takes differs for each person. However, most clients finish their outpatient treatment program in 1–3 months or up to a year.

Is drug or alcohol detox included?

Medical detox is not offered in outpatient rehab. People requiring medical detox can complete this program separately before beginning inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Does outpatient rehab work?

Yes, outpatient rehab has helped many people heal from addiction. Substance use disorders cannot be “cured”, but recovery is possible. Our patients’ physical and mental health, relationships with loved ones, safety, legal status, employment or educational status and relapse time often improve significantly following their treatment with us.

Is transportation provided for outpatient rehab?

No, outpatient rehab is generally offered online at our facility. Should you need to visit the facility for any in-person appointment, you are responsible for transportation to and from the facility.

How can I pay for outpatient rehab?

Insurance may pay for some or all outpatient rehab costs, but copays and meeting deductibles may be required. The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper also helps people without insurance develop affordable payment plans.

Will I lose my job if I go to rehab?

Several laws are in place to protect employees who attend rehab. Outpatient appointments can also be planned around work hours.

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